Warp Academy Future Bass Project File

Warp Academy Future Bass Project File

Warp Academy Future Bass Project File
Size 102 Mb

Synthesis & sound design expert by day, double 00 secret agent by night, Dan Larsson flexes the full power of his cutting-edge synthesis and sound design techniques to bring you Warp Academy’s Future Bass Project File. Selecting and sculpting from an arsenal of fresh and diverse techniques, the Future Bass Project File is guaranteed to offer new ways to synthesize sounds for your own music!

Most project files contain audio files from sample packs and you don’t get to see how anything is made. The Future Bass Project File reveals the full sound design process, showing you everything from initial synthesis through the entire, extensive chains of effects for all the main sounds. This is infinitely more valuable because it allows you to see the real process used by actual professional sound designers and learn from it.

You’ll level-up your sound design skills and see how how all of the core sounds were synthesized and processed. Being able to reverse engineer exactly how each sound in the Future Bass Project File is built provides a powerfully enlightening and educational perspective into what’s possible with Operator, Analog and Serum.

What’s Different About This Project File?

Most project files come with everything bounced to audio files, but you never get to see how the producer or sound designer acheived the result. The Future Bass Project File is more than just a collection of samples & synth presets, as Dan has given you an all access pass to the entire project file. You get to tweak and see how sounds were built from the ground up, and un-earth how character sounds within the future bass genre are designed. We guarantee this pack will help:

Spark creative ideas with access to a professional sound designer’s personal project file
Invigorate starting points of inspiration for your own unique sounds
See exactly how a sound was built and how it’s processed
The pack fully exploits Ableton Live’s effects devices to push the sounds even further. The creative use of effects is just as illuminating and eye-opening as the synth patches themselves.

What’s In the Project File

You’ll never be limited to searching through endless folders of audio samples, as many of the patches are in Racks that take full advantage of Live’s powerful Macros feature. You have full license to explore and personalize the sound to your liking. Here’s whats included in the pack:

12 presets for Operator, Analog and Serum
8 Racks containing the effects, layered synth patches and easy to use Macro
A separate project file containing no VST’s with sounds rendered to audio

Required Software

Ableton Live 9 Suite
xFer’s Serum Synth


Demo Preview:

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