WA Production What About Dubstep Worms

WA Production WA Production What About Dubstep WormsWhat About Dubstep

WA Production What About Dubstep Worms
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You probably heard the filthy growls of Vomitstep introduced by the sound design genius – Snails. Pioneered by Getter, Snails and Skrillex, those nasty growls undoubtedly are taking over the dubstep scene by storm.

If you want to enter the scene without knowing the complex sound design for the genre, you’ll probably be center out and you’re not going to stick out among others.

This is why we wanted to build Dubstep Worms for you guys. With the good amount of high-quality sound patches, you get access to the next level sound design secrets used by top producers to create their dirty insane sounds.

What you’ll get from this pack:
– 61 Serum Patches by top level sound designers
– 47 Serum Wavetables to create your own unique growls
– 20 Bass Loops to see how the growls are structured for maximum impact
– 10 Drum Loops for groovy drops
– 20 Kicks & 20 Snares to allow the audience to feel the punchiness of the song


Demo Preview:

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