VOX Kinetic Electro House Vocals WAV

VOX Kinetic Electro House Vocals WAV

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Kinetic Electro-House Vocals is an exciting and unique collection of vocals recorded in collaboration with singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jessy Covets, in the big outdoors of her Californian homeland. Widely recorded in an abandoned water tower in the Santa Monica Mountains, with mobile recording equipment and stocked with materials such as metal chain links and using her own body, mouth, and voice to find unique and inspiring ways to create natural chamber reverbs, this pack artistically pairs the unnatural with the natural to render sounds that are completely new.

When you think of recording vocals, outdoors or large echo chambers are not the first place that comes to mind, but this was very much the appeal. Using years of professional engineering and vocal processing experience, Jessy pushes the boundaries of what’s possible combining her love of the outdoors with experimental processing. This vocal pack is synergised with quirky yet usable uniqueness.

Despite its quirky origins, this pack has been designed with modern production in mind. With this pallet of totally bespoke loops and one shots from vocal pads and chord progressions to experimental voice percussion, disorientating guitars, hooks, lo-fi vocals, chopped & pitched loops, vocoders, and synthesised risers.

A Kinetic performer is by definition: “Active, lively, dynamic and energising”. As a talented songwriter as well as a powerhouse vocalist and experienced producer, Jessy leaves nothing on the table in this outstanding collection of must-own samples.
VOX Kinetic Electro House Vocals WAV


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