Vintage Gold Sample Pack WAV

Vintage Gold Sample Pack WAV

This pack will take you back to the first time the needle dropped and Marvin Gaye’s smooth, sensual vocals piped through the speakers. Or, maybe you’ll be transported to The Temptations’ melodies crackling through the old station wagon’s stereo. Maybe your first soul sample experience was the classic “Sexual Healing” sample in Bone Thugs n Harmony’s “1st of tha Month”. Perhaps your introduction to soul samples was more recent, from Kendrick Lamar or The 1975. No matter when or where you first came across the lush strings, smokey horns, smooth guitar licks, and iconic keys of soul music, that early ‘60s/late ’70s sound stays with you. This pack serves up that vintage gold with its mid-tempo grooves, rich harmonies, and warm bass lines processed with the perfect amount of reverb, tape saturation, and retro flair to bring you the sounds of soul for your next track.

393 Samples

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