Vicious Antelope Tundra [Pigments 3]

Vicious Antelope Tundra [Pigments 3]

Tundra is a 100 presets soundbank for Pigments 3. It contains basses, pads, leads, keys and synths with a cold atmosphere and it is a sonic journey through the vast tundras of earth.

There are many experimental sounds here that are fitting for many genres from electronic and cinematic to rock and experimental. With this library a multidimensional sound palette is at your fingertips for your music productions.

Many modulation options are included to add new dimensions and movement for a richer sound. All music in demo produced with Tundra exclusively.

All presets designed with Pigments (x64) and run best with this or newer edition.

Product Details:

  •  100 Pigments 3 Patches

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