Up Soca Sample Pack WAV

Up Soca Sample Pack WAV

This pack, recorded at Anguilla Music Academy with the region’s top musicians, is based on Bouyon soca – a fusion genre blending soca music with Bouyon rhythms from 1990s Dominica. Due to its carnival-style sound, the French Antilleans referred to the Bouyon soca beat as “jump up music”.

The genre originated from several different Caribbean genres, both traditional and modern, such as jing ping, zouk, bele, soca, and calypso, and is notable for its very fast tempo and hard-hitting percussion. Since the 1980s, Bouyon (literally “broth” in Dominican Creole French) has evolved to be increasingly aggressive with an even faster tempo and influences from dancehall, hip hop, pop, and Rand;B incorporated. During the late 1990s, Bouyon artists began using more electronic instrumentation. Today, it’s primarily an electronic genre, heavily relying on drum machines and samplers. These fast-paced one-shots and loops are stacked with kinetic energy and dynamic, hard-hitting rhythms.

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