Triple Spiral Audio Journeys 2 Extended for Omnisphere 2

Triple Spiral Audio Journeys 2 Extended for Omnisphere 2

Triple Spiral Audio Journeys 2 Extended for Omnisphere 2

The Unclean Machine Sonic Extension is a hard requirement to have in order to use this soundset. If you do not have the Unclean Machine Sonic Extensions, please check out the regular Journeys 2 Omnisphere soundset

Journeys 2 Extended is the follow up from my previous soundset Journeys. Like its predecessor, Journeys 2 is a highly experimental soundset, but this time the soundset was created with my own original samples and not from the Spectrasonics soundsources. There are in total 250 presets available created from 220 custom soundsources. This Extendedversion contains the 125 presets from Journeys 2 and each preset an alternative version with the usage of the FX from the Unclean Machine Sonic Extension, bringing the total of presets to 250 presets. Each alternative version has EXT added to the preset name.

66 Noisescapes – These presets have left the realm of tonality and are highly experimental sounds with the use of the different tuning systems that Omnisphere offers. This to achieve a complex and rich world with lots of movement due to making use of the ORB modulation.
40 Pads – This time I added a collection of ambient and textural pads that can provide an atmospheric (and tonal) foundation for the more experimental sounds found elsewhere in the soundset.
100 Textures Playable – Rich, textural, moving and experimental presets that have a more lighter character and have a steady tonal foundations to work with.
44 Textures Soundscape – These presets are a lot darker in character and balance on the edge of tonality.

Included in the purchase is also a Unified version , which is completely optional and is intended for users who like to work with and load soundsets in Pluginguru’s Unify.

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