Tonsturm DopplerPro v1.0.0 WIN

Tonsturm DopplerPro

Tonsturm DopplerPro v1.0.0 WIN

Unleash the Power of Motion
Take your sound design projects to the next level with DopplerPro – featuring a vastly improved Doppler engine, meticulously reimagined and engineered for unparalleled accuracy and natural sound. DopplerPRO revolutionizes your workflow with its powerful spatial engine.
By offering precise rescaling of the space for the approach and away phases, it enables you to have ultimate control over the timing and speed parameters of the Doppler effect. Whether you’re a sound designer or musician, DopplerPRO adds energetic movement and depth to your audio, creating captivating and engaging experiences for your audience.

Precise Peak Alignment
DopplerPRO stands out with its innovative approach, providing users remarkable control over the precise doppler peak position while maintaining the path’s overall curvature and seamless speed transitions. This precision is achieved through calculating and re-scaling individual space dimensions for both the approach and away phases of the doppler path.

Speed Control Perfected
DopplerPRO’s flexible speed mode enables users to define precise start, center, and end speed values for the doppler path. This provides an unmatched level of control for sculpting the perfect speed ramp while the peak moment position and path shape remain unchanged.

Next-Level Realism with Floor Reflections
DopplerPRO takes your audio to new heights with its advanced floor reflections feature. Seamlessly simulate the effect of sound waves bouncing off the floor, bringing an extraordinary level of realism to your projects.
Fine-tune object height, floor dampening, and listener height for an unparalleled and realistic audio experience.

Musical Doppler Effects
With the ability to sync to the host’s tempo in BPM mode, musicians can easily adjust the duration of the doppler path to the beat of their composition. Additionally, the peak position can be quantized to the beat grid, providing precise control over the rhythmic placement of the doppler effect.

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