TONAL Sound Experiences (Creative Suite) [WAV MIDI Portal & ANALOG LAB V BANK]

TONAL Sound Experiences (Creative Suite) [WAV MIDI Portal & ANALOG LAB V BANK]

SOUND EXPERIENCES: ANALOG LAB V BANK Professionally Crafted Presets To Create Vintage Melodies
Unleash sonic bliss with 80 meticulously crafted presets that transcend the ordinary.

When making this pack the Tonal sound design team made sure the that preset had the vintage warm vibes hardware synths bring.

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities and create in the styles of Mike Dean, Travis Scott, Drake, Don Toliver and much more.

SOUND EXPERIENCES: ACCENTS, RUNS & PHRASES Versatile Melodic Chops Processed With Guitar Pedals
This collection includes over 70 authentic, pedal processed accents, runs and phrases to kickstart any idea.

These are great for polishing your melodies and adding the extra sauce and earcandy you need in your tracks.

For those assets, the Tonal team used top industry pedals such as the Hologram Microcosm and The Chase Bliss Blooper.

SOUND EXPERIENCES: DRUM COLLECTION Crispy Hard-Hitting Drum One Shots To Create Bouncy Drum Loops
This is not a typical drumkit. Tonal designers made sure every drum was unknown but still suitable for making industry beats.

You’re not getting the same drums everyone has. Inside you will find 250 powerful drum one shots, ranging from punchy kicks, blasting 808s to sharp snares and distinctive percussion.

All sounds have been tailored for impact, to easily blend any mix and stand out.

SOUND EXPERIENCES: MELODY COLLECTION Royalty-Free Trap Melodies Inspired By Travis Scott, Drake, Metro, Cubeatz and More
This collection covers 36 memorable, placement ready melodies made with analog synths and loads of processing to achieve unique emotions.

Tonal crafted each of these with top artists in mind such as Drake, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Cubeatz and more.

Pair these up with the punchy drums to create outstanding beats.

SOUND EXPERIENCES: ONE SHOTS COLLECTION Create Melodies With Low CPU Usage With Analog Texturized One Shots
Explore this collection with over 240 one shots extracted from analog synths such as the Moog Grandmother and the Sequential OB6.

Access thousands of dollars worth of gear and generate endless sonic possibilities with those recordings.

The best part of it is that the Tonal team processed each one shot recording to reach a timbre never heard before.
Melodies made with one shots only:

SOUND EXPERIENCES: MIDI COLLECTION Melody and HiHat Midis To Speed Up Your Workflow and Spike Creativity
This 100% royalty-free midi collection features 40+ midis to kickstart your ideas.

Overcome beat block and speed up your workflow. You’ll be able to make more beats, more melodies, get more opportunities = make more money.

The best part about it is that you can customize them to generate your own unique ideas in seconds.
Works in every DAW.

SOUND EXPERIENCES: PORTAL BANK Create Pedal Like Textures And Add Authenticity To Any Sound
Portal is one of the most unique and versatile FX plugins ever and a great tool to replicate guitar pedals.

The Tonal team designed 50 presets suitable for any genre and style.

When making those they made sure the presets were actually useful and balanced to add the correct amount of sauce not just random textures.

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