Teezio mixing ‘Freak’ by Chris Brown TUTORIAL

Teezio mixing 'Freak' by Chris Brown TUTORIAL

Teezio mixing ‘Freak’ by Chris Brown TUTORIAL

Raised in the digital age, the LA-based mix engineer has developed a reputation for his tasteful use of analog equipment. Learn how he skillfully combined digital and analog tools on the mix of this striking hip-hop anthem by Chris Brown.

Teezio explores his use of analog summing and digital mix bus processing to craft mixes that compete with fully mastered tracks. You will uncover the routing and processing techniques that he uses to maximize his headroom and enhance the frequency response of every mix.

Once his balance is locked into place, he takes a closer look at the incredible vocal performances by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas and Tee Grizzley. With four featured artists and various engineering personnel involved, Teezio must find a way to fit all the different pieces into the puzzle. He explains how he applies EQ, compression and effects to bring the artists together, while simultaneously shining a light on what makes each one stand out from the pack.

About Teezio

Patrizio “Teezio” Pigliapoco is a 44x platinum, Grammy-winning mix engineer based in Los Angeles, CA who’s fresh off of a 2024 Grammy win for Best Engineered Album for his work on Victoria Monet’s “JAGUAR II”. Back when he was just eighteen taking classes at the LA Recording School, he met Juicy J at a house party and soon put school on hold to record Juicy full-time. After nearly a decade of steady work with blog-era rappers, Teezio got a call to start tracking Chris Brown in 2016, and it wasn’t…

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