Splice Sounds Sample Packs Collection 2020

Splice Sounds Sample Packs Collection 2020

Exclusive sample packs and producer collections available through the Splice Sounds platform. Not just a tool for discovering third-party samples anymore, Splice is proud to offer some of the world’s most unique audio libraries to Sounds subscribers. Each month, we will be working closely with new artists to provide fresh content just for you.

This collection includes 22 sample packs:

AWOLTALK Sample Pack
Janelle Kroll – E-Sensuals Vol II
Janelle Kroll – E-Sensuals Vocal Pack
Suzy Shinn Sample Pack
Richard Devine: Voltage Aesthetics
Pastel Pop by More Giraffes
Soul Potion: Organic Sounds
Sober Rob’s Dank Samples Vol. 2
Psymbionic Heatsink Vol. 1
Pierced Vol. 1
NO MANA’s Mana for Dessert Pack
Movement 2018 Sounds of Detroit
Mike Gao: Rare Resonances Sample Pack
Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack
M3rge’s No Exit Sample Pack
Ian Ewing Overnight Sample Pack
Hoodboi Bloom Volume 1
Holly – Ilex Sounds Vol. 1
Dub Phizix Kicks and Snares and Bass and Stuff and That
Champagne Drip – Beats, Bass & Space
Alon Mor: UROA Sample Pack


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