Splice Sounds – KJ Sawka Expanded Drum Pack


Splice Sounds – KJ Sawka Expanded Drum Pack
Size 256 Mb 

KJ Sawka, the most well known drummer in EDM, has been crushing dancefloors with Destroid and Pendulum for nearly a decade! Now, he has fully unleashed his library of enormous drum loops, one shots, kits, fills, fx and more! Floss out your tunes with this impeccably recorded, massively produced drum pack! EXPANDED: In a Splice Sounds exclusive, KJ Sawka has added 16 new drum hits and 16 new drum loops to the 80×80 pack. 5 of the 16 drum loops are 8bars long offering so many possibilities for producers to slice them up!


All loops and samples are stereo 24/48 quality, performed and recorded by KJ Sawka on a 1971 Neve 8048 at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington. Percussion recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington. The 80 x 80 Drum Pack comes with:
1 Ableton 9 Drum Session template.
80 Drum Loops.
80 Individual Sounds.
40 Fills.
24 Percussion Loops.
1 Ableton 9 Drum Rack with 4 kits.
1 EFX Rack with 6 different effects.
10 Midi Patterns.
80 Drum Loops :
20-110 bpm loops
20-128 bpm loops
20-140 bpm loops
20-174 bpm loops
80 Individual Drum sounds :
20 kicks
30 snares
10 hats
10 toms
10 cymbals
Extras :
10 Extra Drum Loops
24 Percussion Loops
10-110 bpm fills
10-128 bpm fills
10-140 bpm fills
10-174 bpm fills


Part 1
Part 2

Demo preview:

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