Splice Louis Futon’s Pretty Cool Sounds Vol.3 WAV FXP

Splice Louis Futons Pretty Cool Sounds Vol.3 WAV FXP

Just when you think Louis Futon has weaved his stylings into as many cool sounds as you can imagine, he takes it a step further. Volume 3 of Pretty Cool Sounds delivers drum and percussion loops and one-shots, melodic loops and phrases from organs, guitars, synths, and many other instruments, and way more. If you’re looking for sounds that bridge and blend R&B and hip hop in a surprising but effortless way, look no further.

This sample pack includes:

· 16 Drum Loops
· 159 Drum One Shots (20 Claps, 5 Crashes, 15 Closed Hats, 6 Open Hats, 25 Kicks, 58 Percussion, 30 Snares)
· 10 Percussion Loops
· 27 FX
· 13 Textures
· 27 Bass One Shots
· 32 Melodic Loops
· 20 Melodic One Shots
· 23 Melodic Phrases
· 2 Vocals
· 23 Serum Presets


Demo Preview: