Soundtrack Loops Tech House Punch WAV

Soundtrack Loops Tech House Punch WAV

Soundtrack Loops Tech House Punch WAV

Every sound counts on Tech House Punch, a complete construction kit that brings a sleek new take on the genre. The core of the collection features 87 loops comprising drums, basses, synths, effects, and vocal effects—a fine pallet of solid beats and supporting sounds, all with the clean drive of techno and the instrumental richness of house. 35 one shots round things out for a unique and flexible timeline experience. It’s easy to go minimal when your source sounds can stand up for themselves.

This is certainly the case with Tech House Punch. Take as much time as you need to build up your tracks; everything hangs together all the time, whether sparse or full-on. Drum loop options include individual instruments, tops, and mixed beats. Lay a foundation and then build on it, with instrumental leads, pads, accents, arpeggios, and effects including sweeps, risers, stabs, noise bursts and scratches. Tech House Punch is a balanced set of tight and groovy sounds that can easily serve as a one-stop solution for making complete tracks on its own, and of course it also makes a very worthwhile addition to your growing EDM production library. Tech house dominates the 21st century EDM aesthetic, and Soundtrack Loops delivers Tech House Punch right on time.

122 Sounds

Soundtrack Loops is the collaboration between two entrepreneurs/producers with over 30 combined years of experience in the royalty free sample industry. Matthew Yost, who founded Soundtrack Loops in 2006, and Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions (2001), have joined forces to bring simplicity and expertise to the world of digital music. Meeting in 1998, the two first came together with audio positions at Sonic Foundry Inc. (Now Sony Creative Software). Both visionaries have since produced, formatted, created, and marketed hundreds of loop packs. Clients include some of the world’s largest loop companies, software DAWs and well known apps. Donnelly has over 10 releases on the Sony Creative Software label, as well as on Loopmasters, Acoustica, PreSonus, Loop Cartel, Soundtrack Loops, Peace Love Productions, Sound Trends, and iThirtySeven. Over the last decade, Matthew, also know as “Montra,” has released multiple sound libraries, instigated collaborations, and has been the face of Soundtrack Loops in many industry meetings. He is also a cornerstone of Soundtrack Loops’ design, development, marketing, and customer support. Jason and Matthew encompass 360 degrees of what the royalty free loop industry stands for and they continue to change the industry each and every day with their experience and expertise.

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