Sound Junkie BounceGxd Presents: Dark Continent WAV

Sound Junkie BounceGxd Presents Dark Continent WAV

36 African percussion loops made with live recorded and sampled percussion. Built, destroyed, mangled, glitched and remade into the future. If Afro-Futurism had a sound, this would be it.

36 Sounds

Sound Junkie is a producer and sound designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At an early age, he developed a very keen ear for music where he had also realized that he had a condition called “synesthesia” which gives people the ability to see and hear colors associated with music. He is 1/3, and the co-founder of the production/sound design team “Ratchet Gxds”. His specialty is, but not limited to, his unique and unorthodox drum arrangements, as well as his background textures. Sound Junkie always keeps his mind focused on the future of music and sound development.


Demo Preview: