Sonicspore ARPSY 3 (Psytrance Arpeggios) [MIDI]

Sonicspore ARPSY 3 (Psytrance Arpeggios) [MIDI]

Arpsy volume 3 is the new MIDI library of original arpeggios/melodies written and developed for psytrance music producers.

This pack consisting solely and exclusively of Midi files will be your resource to draw from to make the process of creating melody lines within your projects easier.

If you are in a situation where you lack inspiration, find it difficult to create or get new ideas out of your head, you can solve the problem right away by purchasing this midi loops pack.

With Arpsy3, you’ll have a wide selection of ideas to develop your projects’ melodic parts.

Simply drag and drop the files into your Daw and assign your favourite presets, and you’ll get great results that will make your tracks stand out from the start.

Inside the pack you will find 150 Midi files differing in style and mood, hybrids of genres such as: Goa/Oldschool; Full-on; Progressive; Psybient and psychedelic Edm in general.

Inspired by artists such as Astral Projection, Goasia, Electric Universe, Infected Mushrooms, Man With No Name, Astrix, E-Mantra, GMS, Filteria, Liquid Soul, Pleiadians, Sonic Species, Mindsphere.

You can use Arpsy to create your own drops, build ups, transitions and all the various melodic parts, to convey energetic, hypnotic feelings etc..

Each file is key labelled and ready to use, and thanks to the potential of midi, you’ll be able to re-arrange/edit any of the arpeggios in the collection to your liking, giving you endless variations that you can use for dozens and dozens of projects.

Compatible with any daw and any virtual synth instrument, you will have at your fingertips a tool suitable for beginners and professionals alike that will greatly enhance your creativity.


  •  150 Arps/Melody MIDI files
  •  Suitables for Psytrance – Goa/Old school – Progressive – Full-on – Psybient
  •  Coveres many different musical scales
  •  Key Labelled Files
  •  Works at any tempo (BPM)
  •  Customizable Files (Transposeable and Editable to any key)
  •  Drag & Drop Midi Files
  •  Compatibles with any Daw and any Virtual Synth

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