Sonic Collective Amazigh Instruments with Aziz Ozouss WAV

Sonic Collective Amazigh Instruments with Aziz Ozouss WAV

Found Sound Nation presents this sample pack of Amazigh traditional instruments including loutar (talotart) and ribab, played by producer Aziz Ozouss. Athletic plucked trills and cascading melodies performed on the loutar, contrast with swooping bowed lines and gentle pads played on ribab, a North African bowed lute instrument. Recorded onsite in Biougra, Morocco, Aziz’s playing pack nods to Maghrebi folk music while taking in contemporary influences of global pop, fusion and house.

Aziz Ozouss is a Moroccan multi-instrumentalist originally from Chtouka Aït Baha Province, who spent many years living in Agadir. Influenced at a young age by Amazigh culture, Aziz studied the traditional Amazigh styles of Amjak, Rwaiss and Ahiyad, specializing on ribab and loutar. In 2016, Aziz released his debut album AMZWARO and has gone on to perform at numerous festivals across North Africa, Europe and Asia including the New Delhi International Jazz Festival.

Produced by Found Sound Nation

Edited and Mixed by Maxime Robillard

Demo by Marcio Zygmunt

390 Samples

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