Sinee Melodic House – How To Make A Track TUTORIAL

Sinee Melodic House - How To Make A Track TUTORIAL

Sinee Melodic House – How To Make A Track TUTORIAL

You want to produce melodic house music, but don’t know how to start or what really matters? Then we have something for you: because in the new melodic house tutorial by content creator Ausilio Jó, the focus is entirely on creating and explaining genre-typical kicks and basslines, processing the drums and creating a groove. Of course, the arrangement should not be neglected in such a tutorial, after all, danceability is an essential feature of melodic house. Ausilio Jó also goes into the topic of remixing and uses the track template, which is available for download, to show you how to initiate a remix, incorporate your ideas and at the same time preserve the original. With the online tutorial Melodic House – How To Make A Track you will get a clear perspective and better skills for your house productions.

Course focus

  • Kick & Bass processing
  • Drum processing & groove
  • Arrangement
  • New remix ideas
  • Working with the Groove Pool
  • Lead sound design
  • Melodic House content & details

On Demand Videos

  • 3.5 hours running time
  • 29 lessons in 5 chapters
  • Lifetime access to course content

house groove
In house productions, elaborate detailed work is essential for a successful result. In the course you will learn how to create a lively groove with subtle changes in rhythm.

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