Serum Bristol Rollers WAV FXP

Serum Bristol Rollers WAV FXP

Serum Bristol Rollers WAV FXP

We deliver another exceptional Serum preset pack, ‘Serum Bristol Rollers’, designed by one of the scenes leading DnB producers. Along with our other outstanding Test Press Serum preset packs, ‘Serum Bristol Rollers’ has been created exclusively for Splice.

Producers should expect to find patches that reference sounds from artists, including DLR and the Sofa Sound Bristol crew, Submotive, Break and Symmetry Recordings, Script, and more. The patches have all the essentials to get your productions rolling, from gnarly basses, drums, atmospheric textures, FX noises, and more. As always, with our Test Press Serum patch banks, each preset is meticulously designed.

Note: Each preset gives you creative control over shaping the sound to precisely tailor to place into your productions. The presets also utilize all of the four macro parameters. The presets in this pack can also be used for other forms of bass music, such as different genres of Drum & Bass (Liquid, Jump Up, Dancefloor etc.), Dubstep, Bass House, Grime, and more.

Please note that the included one-shot samples for each preset provide just one example of using the automation parameters to manipulate your sound.

  • 100 Samples
  • 100 Presets

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