Re:sound 1200 kawaii voice!! WAV

Re:sound 1200 kawaii voice!! WAV

Re:sound 1200 kawaii voice!! WAV

Packed with 1200 kawaii! A collection of voice material that adds “cuteness” to your songs!

  • kawaii 536 species
  • 235 sound games
  • Breath 53 kinds
  • Second person 93 types
  • 56 music genres
  • 67 types of interlocking hands
  • 67 greetings
  • 52 alphabets
  • 63 numbers
  • 32 counts

A compilation album using “1200 kawaii voice!!” in the audition column!
It is an album that uses a lot of voice material as if to say, “This voice material can be used in this way!”
A collection of Otogekoa and kawaii songs!

Sanctuary – Hi-Fu
Kawaii is Strong – Hit Daizu


・ Voice Illu Flora (@Ilu_Fluor)
・illust Yun (@yun_i1_)

Aoi (@BLUEnoup)
Axez (@Axez18)
Hi-Fu (@Hi_Fu_music)
Daizu (@DICE__game)

Produced by Re:sound

◆Terms of use
・Commercial use is allowed.
・It is possible to use after processing the material.
・Credit notation is optional. I would appreciate it if you could post usage reports on Twitter (@clock_26eu).

・The copyright belongs to Re:sound.
・Re:sound permits legally purchased users to mix and use this material with other sounds.
・Permission granted to the user is granted only to the user. Licenses may not be transferred to third parties.
・It is strictly prohibited to transfer, resell, sell, redistribute, or lend part or all of this material to a third party, or to upload/download it to a server for the purpose of redistribution.

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