Rational Acoustics Smaart Suite v9.1.6 [WIN & MacOS]

Rational Acoustics Smaart Suite

Rational Acoustics Smaart Suite v9.1.6 [WIN & MacOS]

Smaart Suite is the full-featured, flagship, edition which includes all three of Smaart’s powerful measurement modes (Real-Time, Impulse Response, and SPL) with no functional limitations. Smaart Suite is the analog to the comprehensive functionality currently found in Smaart v8 and is designed for professional users who require (or desire) Smaart’s full feature set across all three measurement modes.

One Interface, Three Modes
Smaart Suite contains all three Smaart modes: Real-Time, Impulse Response, and SPL. Each mode has a data register, plot area, and control bar associated with it and shares the overall program configuration, command, and control structure.

Real-Time Mode
For a majority of Smaart users, Real Time mode is what makes Smaart smart. The single channel Spectrum, and dual channel Transfer Function measurements are essential tools for professional sound engineers all around the world. Real-Time Mode is specifically designed for sound system engineers to be able to accomplish their alignment and optimization work quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Impulse Response Mode
Unlike Real-Time Mode which primarily displays measurement data in the frequency domain, IR Mode excels at displaying the response of a system in the time domain, with detailed Linear, Logarithmic, and ETC (energy time curve) views, Histogram and Spectrograph plots, as well as frequency response. Acoustical engineers will appreciate IR Mode for its detailed calculations and tables for RT60, STI, STIPA, CIS, and more.

SPL Mode
Smaart’s SPL Mode provides a powerful solution for monitoring, logging, and reporting sound pressure level. With SPL history plots, fully customizable metering, remote-viewing capabilities, Alarms and Event Notes, customizable ‘traffic light’ meter coloring, logging and report generation, and Class 1 or 2 capability with 10 EaZy hardware – Smaart is the industry’s leading software based SPL monitoring solution.

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