Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals


Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals
Size 575 Mb 

Ceremonial Vocals is the second library within the world vocals series of Rast Sound. We feel lucky and excited to have met/worked with an amazing performer who spends most of her time within the ceremonial act and performance.

The library provides vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more. Just like in Mideast Vocals, the library provides vocal performances within different forms from complete songs to a huge collection of loops (processed and natural), phrases and one shots to sweet extra’s like overtone singing, shruti box samples and words.

Ceremonial Vocals also comes with a set of Kontakt 5 instruments such as multisample instruments to loop and phrase players and a sweet shruti box sample instrument.

We believe this library is useful for anyone related to music production, composers for cinema and media, electronic music producers of any genre and world-fusion lovers.

Be sure to check the demos (below), the Booklet for details and free tasters.


804 mb (unzipped) Kontakt & Wav (24 bit 44.1)
22 Long Improvisations and songs
85 Loops (Natural & Processed)
45 One Shots
20 Phrases
11 Kontakt 5 Instruments (Multisample | Loop | Phrase)
207 Total Samples & Instruments (with sweet extras)


Demo Preview:

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