PUNKADEMIC Music Theory For Electronic Musicians 5: Structure TUTORIAL

PUNKADEMIC Music Theory For Electronic Musicians 5: Structure TUTORIAL

Welcome to the MUSIC THEORY FOR ELECTRONIC MUSIC Guide – Part 5!

I like to think of this class as the “antidote for writers-block.”
What we are going to do in this class is look closely at form and structure. That means we will be spending time diving into the whole track, and it looking at how it flows between sections, why it flows between sections, and how we can make that happen in our own tracks. So dust off some of those old sessions that you’ve been able to finish because this class is going to give you the tools you need to get those done.

This class is taught by J. Anthony Allen, who literally wrote the book on this topic.


While Ableton Live is used in this class, the concepts are easily adaptable to any and all music platforms. So if you use Logic, FL Studio, Reaper, Pro Tools, LMMS, or any of the other DAW programs, you will have no trouble following along.

Production Techniques Through Theory

The most important part of this class is an extensive foray into using these techniques in actual tracks. I’ll be creating 9 tracks through this class, right along with you, each using a different technique so you can see exactly how I incorporate it right into my music.

If Your Music is Missing Something, This is Probably It.

If you are finding that you are writing track after track, and while they sound good, there is something they are missing – then this it. You are missing the sense of harmony that professional producers have. In this class, I’ll arm you with all the tools you need to produce those tracks just like you imagine them.

Who should take this course?
Anyone interested in producing their own music. This will get you up and running and give your tracks a unique sound in no time.

This course consists of video lectures, which all contain a session in Ableton Live 9. If you are using a different program (or none at all), no worries! This isn’t a class on how to use Ableton Live, and the concepts can be applied to any DAW.

In this course, we will cover:

  • Form
  • Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Break, Drop, etc.
  • Analysis Sections
  • Using Standard Forms
  • Binary Form
  • Ternary Form
  • Rondo Form
  • Theme and Variation
  • My Secret-Weapon Form (top secret!)
  • Techniques for Creating Variety
  • Density and Texture in Form
  • Melody and Phrases
  • The Science of Melody
  • Motive Alteration Techniques
  • … And much more!!!

The course is a roadmap to finding the missing piece in your tracks, or just getting started making great tracks.

And of course, once you sign up any part, you automatically get huge discounts to all the upcoming parts of this class.

You will not have another opportunity to learn Music Theory in a more comprehensive way that this. Start here

All the tools you need to produce great tracks are included in this course and the entire course is based on real-life experiences – not just academic theory.