Produce a Funky Deep Garage House Track in Ableton [TUTORIAL]

Produce a Funky Deep Garage House Track in Ableton [TUTORIAL]

Let us get straight to the point here in 2024. Everybody wants things done yesterday in a fast paced world. That mindset is no different in the music industry, and here we are in 2024 up against the likes of AI technology now, but what about those techniques you need to learn from a human being who has produced this kind of music for years?

Well here it is and here I am with a full new course that will get you producing a solid deep house track in a matter of a few hours. The idea of this course is to give you the immediate skills and knowledge in order to take this template and apply it to your productions for future releases. That’s why you are here isn’t it?

To further YOUR music career?
Just take a listen to the short demo below in the video and ask yourself if you would like to gain insight into this kind of deep house? The techniques are not that difficult but some people would have you believe that it is. I can assure you that it is very easy to become a producer using these few simple skills.

What you’ll learn:

  • Music arrangement
  • song structure in a digital composition
  • chord playing and drum programming
  • mixing skills

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