Produce A Deep House Track In The Style Of Kings Of Tomorrow [TUTORIAL]

Produce A Deep House Track In The Style Of Kings Of Tomorrow [TUTORIAL]

Produce A Deep House Track In The Style Of Kings Of Tomorrow [TUTORIAL]

Make a track influenced by the deep house legend

What you’ll learn:

  • Produce contemporary deep house in a style like Sandy Rivera
  • Learn how to program drums
  • learn how to use reference tracks to create your own composition
  • learn how to mix and arrange music


  • advanced beginner of Ableton

In this course you will take the track entitled “Exquisite” by the Deep House legend Kings of Tomorrow AKA Sandy Rivera.This record he released in 2023 made me think about how I could implement some of those techniques and apply them in a course so you can take these skills and add them to your own sound palette. The course is over 10 episodes and goes through every procedure required to build and produce a track of this nature.You will begin by adding a few drums and percussive elements to arrange a basic drum pattern and then it will follow from there with the bass and the main hooks. From here you will develop the the track by applying sample skills and using instruments such as the simpler. Also you will use a variety of effects on both the sounds and in the mix down. You will learnBeat programmingchord playingsample techniquesvocal sample tuningusing the built in ableton stock effects and synthsadding third party vstyou will leave this easy to follow course with a broader knowledge of deep house music production and also develop your arrangement skills plus many other techniques such as sampling and tuning through to the full mix down experience.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction and adding the drums

Section 2: Lesson 2

  • Lecture 2 Adding vocal samples and chord stabs

Section 3: Lesson 3

  • Lecture 3 Arrangement

Section 4: Lesson 4

  • Lecture 4 Arranging more track

Section 5: Lesson 5

  • Lecture 5 Second part of the drop after the breakdown.

Section 6: Lesson 6

  • Lecture 6 Building the track until the second breakdown

Section 7: Lesson 7

  • Lecture 7 Finalizing the arrangement

Section 8: Lesson 8

  • Lecture 8 Mixing down session part one

Section 9: Lesson 9

  • Lecture 9 Mixing down session part two
  • Lecture 0 Mixing down the final instruments and sounds

Anyone interested in the electronic deep house music genres

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