PML Masterclass Julia Borelli Mixing & Mastering [TUTORIAL]

PML Masterclass Julia Borelli Mixing & Mastering [TUTORIAL]

Discover the art of mixing and mastering with Julia Borelli, a leading engineer in the industry, as she shares the techniques and secrets she uses when mixing and mastering today’s top artists!

Julia unveils her coveted engineering expertise in this masterclass. We are offering a virtual front-row seat to her meticulous process.

In 3 hours, she mixes and masters Pegasus by Kevin de Vries, masters Mind Escape by Hollt, and masters The Hive by Andrea Viscardi.

You Will Learn:

  • Crafting Punchy Low-Ends
  • Attaining a Competitive and Loud Master
  • Achieving Balance in Your Mix
  • Understand Phase Relations
  • Exploring Favorite Tools & Exclusive Secrets & More!


  • 21 Sessions with professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer Julia Borelli
  • 3+ hours of learning content
  • Limited Time Bonus: Handpicked & Proven Festival/Club Kicks
  • Bonus: List of all Plugins & Tools Julia uses (PDF)

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