PBB Odyssey FX: Ambient Stems & Soundscapes WAV

PBB Odyssey FX: Ambient Stems & Soundscapes WAV
Size 1.68 Gb

Push Button Bang presents Odyssey Fx: an ethereal adventure into evolving atmospheric fx and soundscaping, perfect for pushing boundaries in all forms of modern electronic music.

A huge collection of deep audio journeys and mysterious sound design, featuring 3 Gb of evolving ambient stems and unique ambient IDM FX.

The majority of stems can be used at a variety of tempos, making them perfect for readymade musical backdrops for IDM tracks, Electronica, Ambient Dubstep and Chill Trap, Intelligent Drum and Bass, cinematic themes and more.

The range of emotional moods means you are guaranteed to find multiple pieces that will work in your existing productions or inspire whole new directions at the touch of a button.

The soundscape stems feature a diverse range of atmospheric evolutions ranging in length from thirty seconds to several minutes:

Uplifting, beautiful lush strings and pads, orchestral waves, nuclear fallout backdrops, tense and uneasy dramatic pieces, dark and menacing atmospheres, emotional ambient tonal adventures, melancholy musical interludes….all utilising a combination of warm analogue and digital synths, real world ambiences , found sound compositions and original FX processing.

All sounds are arranged into easily searchable sub folders according to tone and mood, all with root note mapping and soundscape length also included in the file name.

As well as the soundscape stems, also included is a whole range of original ambient FX and textures:

You will find characterful real world acoustic and ethnic instruments, tibetan bowls and temple chimes, rainstick modulations, building winds and noise fx, abstract found sound textures, low end sub thumps and a range of cinematic impact fx plus much more.

Push Button Bang invites you to embark on an audio adventure like no other…set sail into unchartered sonic territory and create your own musical Odyssey today.

Odyssey FX: Ambient Stems & Soundscapes contains:

24 Bit Quality
102 Full Length Soundscapes
5 Crescendo Soundscapes
11 Fantasy Soundscapes
08 Melancholy Soundscapes
09 ominous Soundscapes
11 Rythmic Soundscapes
09 Abstract Texture Beds
12 Clap Fx
35 Low End Fx
06 Real World Beds
10 Wind Mods
150 Ambient Fx
15 Dark Soundscapes
05 Futuristic Soundscapes
14 Noise Fx Soundscapes
16 Peaceful Soundscapes
08 Drone Soundscapes
26 Bell instruments
14 Cloud Fx
15 Rain Stick Mods
31 Tonal Instruments


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