Oxgaz The Mustard 3


Oxgaz The Mustard 3
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Finally! the third installment of The Mustard Series. “The Mustard 3″ 50 Hit making sounds for Massive.

You may notice that there are only 2 categories bass, and plucks. This is because The Mustard 3 focuses on simplicity. Remember that we are in the digital age, the 21st century, where our attention span has been shortened. By producing SIMPLE, and CREATIVE instrumentals, or complete songs you can grab immediately the attention of your listeners, this will give you more plays, likes, shares, and favorites for your songs. Would you like that?

I wonder if you realize the power of simplicity because in this century there are a lot of noise, and to get through that noise, you must be creative, and simple.

Discover simplicity, I know you want to. Good luck! with producing Hits!

Each patch has all 8 of Massive macros assigned to various parameters, which allows the user to morph and transform each individual sounds into a completely new sound.

Genre: HipHop, Trap, RnB, Pop

Total Presets: 50 Presets

Bass: 25 Presets
Plucks: 25 Presets

Please Note:
Presets are .nmsv files, use the latest Massive, the drums used in the demo track
are not included.


Demo preview:

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