Overloud Gem Comp76 v2.0.10 [WIN]

Overloud Gem Comp76

Overloud Gem Comp76 v2.0.10 [WIN]

The revolutionary simulation of legendary fet compressor-limiter beyond the hardware.

  • NEW! Resizable graphic interface
  • Three revisions in one plugin!
  • Built-in Mid-Side Processing
  • Built-in Parallel Compression
  • Low frequency sensitivity control
  • Harmonics amount control
  • Oversample control, including ultra-oversampling mode
  • Hyper-realistic simulation of the original unit thanks to the 4th generation dsp technology
  • Simulation of all transformers in the original unit
  • Emulates the original All-buttons-in mode
  • Low cpu usage (more than 1000 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina)
  • Lots of presets designed in real mixing sessions
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel
  • Meter Calibration: calibrate the VU meters at 5 different sensibilities

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