On Point Samples Uptempo & Hardcore Essentials Vol.1 [MULTIFORMAT]

On Point Samples Uptempo & Hardcore Essentials Vol.1 [MULTIFORMAT]

This is not just a sample pack. In this monster of a pack, you will find everything you need to progress as a producer. We 100% guarantee you won’t look back when you have this pack.


•Modern & Oldschool Hardcore & Uptempo
•180+ BPM (highly suitable at 150 BPM as well)
•First-ever & biggest-ever Harder-Style sample pack for Hardcore/Uptempo
•Suits all DAWs

Kicks To Change The Game:

  • 400+ Professional Kicks
  • Build your own kicks with 500+ separated kick files
  • Instant Kick presets for FL Studio & Ableton mixer
  • Professional Modern Hardcore Kick Maker FLP

Vocals To Sign On Any Label:

  • 15 Professional Lead Hooks (2 vocalists)
  • 40+ Professional Rap Hooks & Predrop Vocals
  • 40+ Professional Scream Predrop Vocals
  • 300+ Modern Uptempo AI Vocals (male & female)

Thousands Of Files To Kickstart Anything:

  • Instant Kick FX FL Patcher Plugin (Early Access)
  • Drum Folder (700+ Files)
  • FX Folder (124+ Files)
  • Presets (65 Total)
  • Songstarters & Melodic Elements (1100+ Files)
  • Predrop Fills & Misc Sounds (100+ Files)

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Demo Preview:

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