Nomad Factory Bus Driver v1.0.2 for WIn & Mac


Nomad Factory Bus Driver v1.0.2
Size Win 8 Mb // Mac 6 Mb 

Bus Driver is an optical compressor that provides a wide range of compression effects, reminiscent of the best vintage compressors made in the ‘60s.

Compression is one of those studio processes that is all too often taken for granted and not usually used to its full potential. Today’s producers think nothing of inserting compressors on every single channel of their DAW when mixing, but old school engineers had to learn to make the most of only a few units of compression and this made them learn them inside out to use them to their best advantage. Bus Driver is modelled on the classics from the ‘golden age’ of tube compressors.

Also included in Bus Driver is a Tube-Driver Saturation feature. It allows you to add the sound of a vintage tube amplifier giving you the differing electronic characteristics of triode, tetrode, and pentode vacuum tubes. So you can add the vintage warmth of the those models of the classic tubes (e.g. ECC83, 12AX7, etc..) to your tracks or on your mix bus.

Nomad Factory designed an Output Stage Soft-Clipping to eliminate digital clipping at any output level and produce a smoother distortion characteristic. This feature is in addition to the Tube-Driver Saturation Modeling included in Bus-Driver.
Hopefully you will be using every day and that it will accomplish the goal of saying ‘Thank You’ for the heart-warming support you showed for Bernie during the time when he really needed it.

Features :

Usable on individual tracks or complete mixes
Full control of input levels ‘+/- 12dB’ (sets level for Compression)
Full control of output levels ‘+/- 12dB’ (post Compression gain)
Tube-Driver Saturation Modeling
Compression Ratios from 2:1 to infinite (‘Brickwall Limiter’)
Control over Compression amount
Preset management (inc. Presets by acclaimed Engineer, Ashley Smith)



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