Noah Cuz Lifeblood (Drum Kit) [WAV]

Noah Cuz Lifeblood (Drum Kit) [WAV]

Noah Cuz Lifeblood (Drum Kit) [WAV]

LIFEBLOOD: the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.

Noah Cuz has released his personal collection of drums to use in your own productions. This pack contains over 300 sounds to bring your beats to life.


  • 35x Kicks
  • 20x 808
  • 17x Bass
  • 23x Clap
  • 35x Snares
  • 30x Rims
  • 7x Snap
  • 35x Hi Hats
  • 32x Open Hats
  • 61x Percs
  • 20x Fills
  • 32x FX
  • + 13x Bonus Samples

This collection of sounds is tailored to trap music, but features sounds to hold its own in many genres, like boom bap, pop, dancehall, and experimental beats.

Each sound is pre-mixed and leveled to make sure they slap out-of-the-box. All sounds are 32-bit, 48 kHz for ultimate control of the dynamics and timbre.

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