Neon Touch Sample Pack WAV

Neon Touch Sample Pack WAV

Old is new…again. The early 2000s brought back the sounds of 1980s film scores, video games, and cartoons with the introduction of synthwave music. Splice Originals is celebrating the re-return of the classic vibe – darker, moodier, and more trance-inducing than its predecessors. Producers Ray Luminais and Jorge Ulloa explored and experimented with synth modules like Analog Lab, Korg Minilogue, RC-20, and Thermal, bringing evocative textures and sounds to life. They conducted a brief yet essential investigation of the decade’s signature sounds, making sure to capture the authenticity and essence of the party era. The result is a sample pack that fuses nostalgia with innovation, intended to boost creativity in synthwave production. If you’re trying to capture the sounds of Blade Runner, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, or even Grand Theft Auto, this pack has the loops and one-shots you need.

260 Samples

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