Native Instruments B4 II for Win & Mac


Native Instruments B4 II
Size WIn 86 Mb // Mac 90 Mb 

The Native Instruments B4 software organ broke new ground when it was first released in 2000 and was an instant success, reproducing the sound of the legendary B3 and its rotary speaker cabinet with unmatched accuracy. Its expressiveness and immediate playability continues to amaze even the most experienced organ players. Now B4 II raises the bar considerably, generating a much wider sonic range and a far richer, even more authentic sound.

Native Instruments B4 II Software Organ at a Glance:

* New amp and cabinet models and reverbs
* Incredibly accurate and detailed organ sound
* Instantly playable presets and great feel

New amp and cabinet models and reverbs

The latest version of the award-winning B4 software organ sees the addition of many extra components. A tube amplifier and a selection of classic speaker cabinets offer you greater freedom of expression. Spring and studio reverb modules lend the sound more depth and atmosphere. From silky soft to relentlessly rockin’, the B4’s sound is stunningly precise and more versatile than ever before.

Incredibly accurate and detailed organ sound

From the drawbars, the vibrato and chorus to the tube distortion and rotary speakers, the B4 II delivers the sound of the original in incredible detail. The cross-talk between the tonewheels is adjustable and 11 additional tonewheel sets are also included: “Cosmetically age” the B4 II or transform it into a Farfisa, a Vox Continental or an Indian Harmonium.

Instantly playable presets and great feel

The B4 II is instantly playable. Its convenient Preset Manager coupled with a large selection of presets offer a wide range of styles. The new bass pedal legato and string bass features make using the foot pedals easy: a walking bass has never been simpler. The B4 II is a rounded, enthralling and easy-to-use software organ that instantly delights. Start playing and you won’t stop!
B4 II Software Organ Features:

* Authentic software version of the legendary tonewheel organ and rotary speaker
* Plays and sounds exactly like its real-world role model
* Play in standalone mode or use in the studio as a plug-in
* New tube amplifier and speaker cabinets engineered using Dynamic Tube Response technology
* New integrated spring and studio reverb units
* More than 120 new presets and 11 alternative tonewheels sets
* New intuitive MIDI controller integration including MIDI learn and controller templates
* Nine drawbars per manual and six drawbars for the pedals
* Adjustable key click and flexible percussion
* New pedal legato and string bass modes make sophisticated playing techniques easy
* Scanner vibrato/chorus, rotary speaker, and tube amp distortion and overdrive



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