Music Business Masterclass: Make A Living As A Musician [TUTORIAL]

Music Business Masterclass: Make A Living As A Musician [TUTORIAL]

Music Business Masterclass: Make A Living As A Musician [TUTORIAL]

When I started making music as a young guitarist, the world was a very different place. In order to stay on top of trends, business principals, and legal issues, I had to become an expert in the music business.

Now I teach music business at a university – in fact I run the whole music business degree program – and I walk students through this stuff every day.

In this course, you’ll gain insider knowledge and strategies that go beyond what can be found in a simple Google search. Jason Allen, the creator of over 100 top-selling and highest rated classes, brings his expertise and real-world experience to guide you through the intricacies of the music business.

This class has a ton of material. I’ve put my whole university semester into this class, so buckle up!
Designed for those who want to make a living with music, this course covers essential topics such as copyright, trademark, performance royalties, licensing, merchandise, sync opportunities, and more. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of the necessary steps to ensure you’re properly compensated for your work.

This class contains:

  • Copyright: The rules, the rights, and how to monetize your copyrights (that you already have)
  • Collaboration: Who owns what when you are writing with bandmates, producers, collaborators, and other music makers.
  • Publishing: The secret world of publishing, and why you need to care about it (Its easy!)
  • Sync Licensing: Getting your music placed into films, TV, video games, and more
  • Record Contracts: How they work, how to find them, and what to be cautious of
  • Producer Agreements & Selling Beats: This is a complicated copyright issue – I’ll walk you through it here.
  • Digital Distribution: Getting your music out to the world, and opening doors for the next phase of your career.
  • And so much more!

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