ModeAudio Stacks [Massive Chord Presets]

ModeAudio Stacks [Massive Chord Presets]

ModeAudio Stacks
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Sitting atop the beat and just beneath the lead, wrapping themselves around each sonic element and enveloping the music in warm blankets of sound – chords are an indispensable ingredient of any good piece of music and we’ve decided it’s high time to celebrate them with our latest release, the towering Stacks – Massive Chord Presets!

Across 60 synth patches bursting with rich, vibrant character and packed with coloured layers of tone and texture, this pack will supercharge your Massive soft synth and turn it into a shiny, cloud-piercing skyscraper of chordal majesty!

Delivering 27 synth chord presets, 10 basses, 10 synth leads, 4 keys, 2 synth strings and 4 SFX presets, these sounds are primed and ready to inject your House, Techno and EDM productions with heart and soul.

The synth chords are the centrepiece of this custom-designed collection, spread across a range of tonalities from jazzy major 9ths, lush major 7ths, brooding minor triads and sparkling 5ths. All are playable with just a single note from your MIDI keyboard or piano roll, providing an unprecedented degree of flexibility and inspiration when you’re deep in your production flow, cooking up your next chord progression and harmony.

Warmth, depth and versatility are the name of the game with this set of sounds, with Massive’s every dial and modulator set with precision and care. From warm washes of chorus, wavering oscillator pitches, submerged filter cut-offs, invigorating waveshaping and beyond, these synth presets will keep you guessing as to where they’re going next!

As usual, each preset comes with all 8 macro controls assigned to the important aspects of each sound, giving you full control to shape and sculpt each patch to perfection. 60 tempo and key-labelled MIDI loops complete the set, each designed to accompany a preset and offering a wealth of basslines, House chord progressions, lead lines and more the instant after download.

Stand back and prepare to stack those chords tall and proud in your music – download Stacks – Massive Chord Presets and get building now!

Massive Contents

60 .nmsv Presets*
60 MIDI Files

*Please make sure you have updated to Massive v1.3.1 or later to use these presets


Demo Preview:

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