ModeAudio Grit & Groove LoFi Hip Hop Loops WAV

ModeAudio Grit & Groove LoFi Hip Hop Loops WAV

ModeAudio Grit & Groove LoFi Hip Hop Loops WAV

‘Grit & Groove – LoFi Hip Hop Loops’ from ModeAudio spins you back in time on the reels of a dusty tape machine, bringing reams of saturated warmth into your DAW and steeping your music in delicious vintage Hip Hop nostalgia.

Press play and release 416MB of royalty-free instrumental loops, beats, and drum samples into your session, fusing classic soul and Rand;B flavours with the delicate, hazy sound of contemporary LoFi Hip Hop.

Discover a sumptuous selection of 152 tempo-synched music loops, overflowing with lush keys, woozy piano parts, slick synths, sultry guitar licks, and melancholic bass guitar riffs, all imbibed with the unmistakable grit and crackle of retro-style productions.

With live, organic performance and musicianship at the backbone of the pack, bring the human touch to your music and some swagger to your beats, as each loop offers a real-feel vibe fused with the distinctive crunch and sonic heat of vintage audio hardware.

A selection of 50 retro drum samples completes the pack, ranging from deep electronic kicks and snappy acoustic snares to glistening tambourines and tight hi-hat samples.

202 Samples

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