Max & MaxForLive Part 3: Controlling Live With MaxForLive [TUTORIAL]

Max & MaxForLive Part 3: Controlling Live With MaxForLive [TUTORIAL]

Max & MaxForLive Part 3: Controlling Live With MaxForLive [TUTORIAL]

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Max (Max/MSP/Jitter, MaxForLive, M4L)

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use Max and MaxForLive (M4L) Devices to make great tracks
  • Creating your own tools and devices using MaxForLive and Max/MSP/Jitter
  • How to find max patches and how to find MaxForLive Patches
  • Editing and working with max and maxforlive patches


  • No programming experience is needed. You should have a working copy of Max or MaxForLive

It’s time to unleash the full power of Max and create your own “secret weapon” tools for music production!In this comprehensive class series, you’ll discover my personal best tools and learn how to harness them to elevate your music production. Plus, I’ll reveal an unlimited source of amazing (and free!) Max projects that you can customize to your heart’s content.Why Learn from Me?With over a decade of experience teaching Max to thousands of aspiring creators, I know exactly what it takes to help you master this versatile platform. By the end of this series, you’ll be amazed at your newfound abilities.What You’ll Get:This class is packed with valuable content, incorporating my entire university Max curriculum. Get ready for an immersive learning experience!This class has a ton of material. I’ve put my whole university Max curriculum into this class, so buckle up!Designed for those with little or no existing experience working with Max, this sequence of classes is going to be divided into three parts. Part 1 focuses on using max to make music, finding great max patches, engaging with the max community, and understanding the max workflow. Part 2 focuses on the basics of Max programming, and Part 3 gets more advanced and dive in deeper with MaxForLive.This is Part 3: Controlling Live with MaxForLive. In it we will cover:Listening to Live: Getting information from Live into our Max patches so we can do new and interesting things.Controlling Live: Have you ever thought: “What if the my compressor threshold was set to the current humidity in Brazil?” We can get that information in Max, and control Live using the right code.Processing Audio: It is easy to get audio in and out of Max once you understand the few objects it takes to do it. That opens the door to be able to build your own fully customized Plugins.Processing MIDI: Just like audio, we can create any MIDI effect you can imagine by getting MIDI in and out of Live.Max Patches: We are going to build four projects together in this class, and I’ll give you working final versions of those patches to practice with.Why Choose this Course?Designed for Beginners: No prior experience with Max (or any programming) necessary. This course is perfect for newcomers to Max looking to dive in headfirst.Step-by-Step Learning: Divided into three parts, this course gradually builds your expertise from the basics to more advanced techniques.Direct Instructor Support: As a committed instructor, I personally answer 100% of the questions posted in the course to ensure your success.Mastering Max opens up a world of possibilities for your music production journey. Join the vibrant Max community and take your skills to new heights.Jason Allen, renowned instructor and mentor to over 1 million students, is committed to your success. As an active participant in the course, he personally answers 100% of the questions posted, ensuring you receive the guidance and support you need.Click the enroll button now and embark on this exciting musical adventure with us!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is looking to get super top secret production powers
  • People who have wonder what Max is and how to use it
  • Anyone who has asked themself, “What can Max do?

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