Maserati Sparks Trappy Emo 3 Kit WAV

Maserati Sparks Trappy Emo 3 Kit WAV
Size 110 Mb

Trappy Emo 3 Kit is the 3rd installment of MaseratiSparks Trappy Emo Series.

If you have enjoyed all of the previous kits then you are guaranteed to fall in love with this one.

In the remembrance of Lil Peep, XXXtentacion, and being inspired by other similar artist with this sound. Here is Trappy Emo 3 !!

Included files:

Alchemist Fmin BPM 124 .wav
Atlast Emaj BPM 124.wav
Busted Dmin BPM 130 .wav
Cold Winter Amin BPM 130 .wav
Dead Butterflys Dmin BPM 126 .wav
Don’t Wake Me Up Gbmaj BPM 118 .wav
Drunk Sex Amaj BPM 108.wav
EarthQuakes F#maj BPM 104.wav
Free My Dawgs Ebmaj BPM 133.wav
Hate My Life F#min BPM 98.wav
Ice On My Wrist Fmin BPM 143.wav
Im An Addict Fmaj BPM 128.wav
Intentions Gbmin BPM 126.wav
Lifeless Bmaj BPM 124 .wav
Me N My Whoas Ebmin BPM 128.wav
Misty Abmaj BPM 127.wav
My First Love Ebmin BPM 125 .wav
North Star Dmaj BPM 146.wav
Overnight Bb BPM 100.wav
Paradise Amaj BPM 142.wav
Rolling Gmin BPM 125.wav
Running Out Of Time Dbmaj BPM 146.wav
Shining Light Dmaj BPM 126 .wav
Shock Wave Emin BPM 130.wav
Snow Days Bmaj BPM 138.wav
Suicide Note Emin BPM 110.wav
Time Warp Abmaj BPM 146.wav
Tough Breaks Cmaj BPM 136.wav
Undertaker Gbmaj BPM 1230.wav
Wrecking Ralph Amin BPM 108.wav


Demo Preview: