Maison De Blanc Mainstage Mayhem

Ronnie & Wylde Mainstage Mayhem

Maison De Blanc Mainstage Mayhem
Size 1.14 Gb 

Maison De Blanc is proud to present – Mainstage Mayhem.

Are you ready for 2.1 GB of essential chart-topping festival sounds?

This sample pack is all about the BANG!

Mainstage Mayhem features 10 super-charged construction kits, 192 Sylenth1 & Revealed Sound Spire presets, 171 single sounds, 40 FX and much more.

What’s inside:

*10 essential song-starting construction kits.

If you’re looking for that huge festival sound – look no further.

Huge kick drums, body-moving melodies, percussion loops, speaker-pounding & bouncing basslines,super-wide uplifters and many more.Each and every construction kit has been expertly produced for instant drag & drop action in any DAW plus all components broken out into constituent parts for maximum programming ease (including drums stripped to kick, snare, clap or percussion loops).

*192 presets for Sylenth1 & Spire.

Mainstage Mayhem also offers two big soundbanks for Sylenth1 & Spire.

Looking for huge synth or bass sound?

No problem – all covered.

Huge arsenal of bass, synth, pad,pluck & FX sounds are ready to hit it hard.

*171 single sounds

Huge and punchy key-labelled kick drums, big snares, claps & hats, bass & synth sounds, groovy key-toned toms & drum fills – all set for instant action in your productions.

*40 FX

From tension-teasing uplifters to epic downlifters & withenoise rushes.

Other genres may include:


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Part 2
Part 3

Demo Preview:

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