MAGIX ACID Pro Next Suite v1.0.1.24 WIN

MAGIX ACID Pro Next Suite v1.0.1.24 WIN
Size 511 Mb


The ultimate, next-level DAW experience. ACID Pro Next Suite has it all, whatever your music production requires. All features from ACID Pro Next. More new instrument, effects and sounds. Experience audio separation powered by zynaptiq® STEM MAKER – not found in any other DAW – and the MIDI Playable Chopper remix tool. And of course all the great new technologies, including Melodyne essential and the 32-bit VST bridge.

With a worlds first for any DAW, ACID Pro Next combines cutting edge sampling technology, a fully featured DAW and unique ACIDized loops that lock in time and key with your new compositions. To show you everything that ACID Pro Next has to offer, we sat down together with producer Iain Duncan in our studio.

The ultimate creative DAW.

Only the ACID Pro Next Suite comes with additional bonus instruments and add-ons. Also included: The incredible Independence Pro Plus Suite with 12 GB of sounds and 500 presets, 10 exclusive Vita instruments (including Power Guitar, Bass Machine and String Ensemble), 9 exclusive effects (including Vandal guitar-effects and the Vintage Effects Suite), plus two extra bundles of ACID loops for Funky House and 80s Hip Hop.

ACID Pro Next Suite Features

Sample everything: audio separation.

STEM MAKER Audio source separation technology by zynaptiq breaks your favorite tunes down into their melodies, music and beats. Remix them and add them to your own music with ease. The next level of sampling and remixing is here!

The only DAW with audio separation.
ACID Pro Next features audio separation technology powered by zynaptiq STEM MAKER. Split songs into beats, vocals and music, and use the resulting stems in your own tunes and to remix. Truly the next generation of remixing and DAW production.

MIDI Playable Chopper.
The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper brings MPC-style performance sampling and hip hop beat creation to ACID Pro Next. Play samples from loops, beats from drum kits, perform and record the results as audio events for instant remixing. Play, record, jam – ACID is your new performance instrument!

Using Beatmapper, you can identify the tempo and time signature of any external song or audio file. When you import it into ACID you can easily add other ACID files which will lock to its timing data automatically. Instant remixing, your way!

Chopper is the ultimate remix tool as it enables you to slice a loop into parts, and then reorder them in any way you like to create multiple new samples. All new loops will stay in sync with your ACID Pro Next projects, and you can easily record new audio events onto the timeline.

ACID Pro Next offers powerful 24-bit, 192 kHz multitrack audio recording. Record a full band in your studio or your own singing and playing. Create complete arrangements with ease by mixing in gigabytes of ACIDized loops. Add effects in real time, enhance your tunes with dozens of instruments and your album is made!

ACID Pro Next uses ACIDized loops for creative loop-based music production. These contain pitch, length and transient data and can be edited and manipulated in real time and easily mixed together to make complete pieces of music.

Virtual instruments.
Take your music in any direction you like with a whole suite of varied instruments which cover everything from acoustic emulations of a complete orchestra to out-of-this-world synths. Try out a vintage piano, some incredible drums, or play a high quality saxophone. It’s your studio, your choice!

VST2/VST3 Engine with 32-bit bridge.
With both the new VST2/VST3 engine and the 32-bit bridge you can run the latest plug-ins in ACID Pro and even bring your favorite older plug-ins into its sleek 64-bit ACID environment.

ACID Pro might be one of the easiest DAWs to create great music, but it comes packed with all the latest features, including a comprehensive set of MIDI tools. You can edit MIDI data directly onto the timeline for a speedy workflow, freeze MIDI tracks to audio to save processor power, add Keyframe automation and edit drum beats with ease. It’s total MIDI control, but presented in a user-friendly way.

Play ACID like an instrument.
The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper allows you to play individual beats and notes from audio loops, or load in samples and perform them in real time, just like a classic MPC sampler. Record the results as new audio events for instant remixes. Jam, record, have fun!

Metering Tools.
Professional mastering is made easier with tools like the Loudness Meter. Home in and examine your audio with pinpoint detail.

Melodyne essential.
Melodyne essential brings third party compatibility to the ACID platform.


Independence Pro Plus Suite.
This incredible suite of instruments delivers a massive 12 GB of of top-quality instrument samples and 500 amazing presets. It is the ultimate instrument set and is equally at home as a studio production tool, live performance device or effect rack for sound design – and comes exclusively with ACID Pro Next Suite!

Compose your way with Vita Solo Instruments.
ACID Pro Next Suite includes 10 exclusive Vita instruments in addition to those in ACID Pro Next. It’s all the sounds and inspiration you need, for whatever genre you compose in.

Your individual Mix, exclusive effects.
ACID Pro Next Suite delivers all the effects you need for the perfect mixing experience and also offers very flexible mastering solutions. Premium professional effect plug-ins include the Analogue Modelling Suite, the Vintage Effects Suite, VariVerb II reverb and Vandal guitar effects.

Highlights of ACID Pro Next Suite:

The ultimate next-gen music production suite Sophisticated features, professional results
The first DAW with integrated audio separation technology: zynaptiq STEM MAKER
NEW! MIDI Playable Chopper performance tool
NEW! Melodyne essential and 32-bit bridge technology
Exclusive! 10 extra instruments and 9 bonus effects
Exclusive! Bonus sample bundle includes two extra packs of loops
Exclusive! Independence Pro Plus Suite with 12 GB of sounds and 500 presets