Loopmasters Extreme Neuro Processing Racks For Ableton


Loopmasters Extreme Neuro Processing Racks For Ableton
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Loopmasters and Neuro Bass pioneer Dan Larsson are back with Extreme Neuro Processing Racks – 12 monster Effects racks for Ableton Live – which will turn any sound into an insanely hi-octane onslaught! If you are looking for instant ferocity in your productions, this is where it’s at.
Prepare for the ultimate assault of Dark and Twisted Synth sounds inspired by artists like Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Bless, State Of Mind, Rido, N-Phect and Prolix.
Simply load one rack into your track, and play any sound though it. Think of this original sound as being in the eye of the storm. Seconds later you will hear it mutate and contort into a formidable tyrant, intent on an imminent sonic apocalypse.
These racks are designed to be used in isolation from your track – sampled then loaded into your main project. This is the most practical approach, as you will find the Extreme Signal Processing consumes more CPU than a normal plugin.
These racks can be fed all types of sounds, and you’ll find that experimentation pays off. Try Drum Hits, Bass Sounds, Vocals, Chord Stabs or Pads – there is nothing that will escape the fury! Do not underestimate the power of these racks – due to the internal processing and feedback structure, they do occasionally make sounds of their own accord.
In Detail you will find 12 Channel processing Rack Presets designed for Ableton Live 9.5 Suite.
Loopmasters can accept no responsibility for the rupturing of planet earth following the use of these racks! Listen to what they can do for your Drum and Bass and Dubstep productions by checking out the demo now!

Note: Requires Live 9.5+ Suite

12 Ableton Live Effects Racks


Demo preview:

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