Kits Kreme Sample Collection 2022 WAV

Kits Kreme Sample Collection 2022

Kits Kreme Sample Collection 2022 WAV

Kits Kreme Audio is a diverse sample label bringing together producers and sound designers from different walks of life. Kits Kreme provides users with professional quality samples in various different genres.

This sample collection contains:

    1. Chill Beats
    2. Drum Breaks And Fills
    3. Bleu Melodies
    4. Certified Lover Loops
    5. CHOP EM Vol.1
    6. Hi-Hat Fills
    7. Landshark Melodic Fire
    8. LandShark Melodic Loops 23
    9. LandShark Melodies 21
    10. Le Motif
    11. Life of Landshark Melodies
    12. Lime Wire – Hyperpop Loops
    13. LS Color Melodies v.2
    14. LS25 Melodies
    15. LS26 Melodies
    16. LSM24
    17. Luminous Melodies
    18. Mantra Melodies
    19. Modern Trap FX
    20. Rap & Trap Melodies
    21. Sunny Side Shot
    22. Travis Meal (Foley Drum Kit)
    23. Wavy Melodies

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