JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli The Jazz Masterclass: Vol.1 [TUTORIAL]

JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli The Jazz Masterclass: Vol.1 [TUTORIAL]

Unlock a spectrum of colourful phrases in this essential multi-level jazz Masterclass. If you want to understand the crucial skills and approaches required to sound confident playing jazz, this is where it starts.

What’s it about?
Luca Mantovanelli teaches you the core concepts of jazz in an easy-to-understand process. Each level lays the groundwork for new ideas, giving you a rock-solid foundation to explore an unhindered world of possibilities.

Cement basic harmonic concepts, discover how to build jazz melodies and embrace the colourful soundscapes of outside playing, melodic minor and ghost notes. At every level, this Masterclass offers new ideas based on key jazz staples.

With Luca’s first-ever video lesson, as well as targeted exercises, contextual licks and challenging etudes, this Masterclass represents a jazz beginning for players of all levels. If you’re new to jazz or looking to solidify your approach, this is where it starts.

What will I learn?
The beginner level is built around jazzy blues ideas, locking you into both straight and swing timing. You will understand how jazz leads the pentatonic scale to different intervals and melodic contours. And as you finish the level, you will develop your understanding of the dorian mode.

In the intermediate section, Luca helps you to develop a range of approaches, making use of chromatics, outside notes and triad pairs. With a set of etudes, you have the context to put this new knowledge to the test.

You’ll learn how to use melodic minor and outside playing to add more colour and tension to your lines, and how to use ghost notes to make your phrases feel more alive. With concepts you can apply to your own licks, and musical ideas for inspiration, the advanced level shows players everything they need to play confidently and fluently.

What theory is covered?
Luca’s Masterclass delivers theory in a practical way, using exercises and licks to help you understand the ideas. You will cover…

  • Chromatics
  • Minor pentatonics
  • Dorian mode
  • Diminished scale
  • Arpeggios
  • Enclosures
  • Triads and triad pairs
  • Blues scale
  • What techniques are covered?
  • Ghost notes
  • Legato
  • Slides
  • Bends

Who is this for?
If you’re looking to step into jazz for the first time this is for you. If you’re a seasoned jazz player, this will broaden your horizons by solidifying your foundation. This is made for guitarists of any shape or size. This is The Jazz Masterclass: Vol 1 – The Essentials of Jazz.

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