JTC Guitar Danny Dela Cruz 21 Day Fix: Economy Picking [TUTORIAL]

JTC Guitar Danny Dela Cruz 21 Day Fix: Economy Picking [TUTORIAL]

Easy to follow, creatively rich and hyper-focused. A structured method built on daily exercises and licks to help you nail the art of economy picking.

The name of the game is economy picking and the way to play is daily exercises and licks, with a grand solo to finish as your “final boss”.

Centred around ascending economy picking, this is the perfect entry point to the technique, for progressing beginners or for seasoned players who want to add it to their arsenal.

A realistic timeframe, an easy-to-follow structure and a sure-fire way to enhance your levels of musicality.

This release uses ascending economy picking. This means when ascending from a low string to a high (e.g. D to G String) you will always use a downstroke on the next string. When descending (e.g. G to D String) you will alternate pick with each string starting on a downstroke. This helps keep the picking hand in the same orientation.

What will I learn?

Week 1: The Basics
Get comfortable with a “double down” motion and slowly translate it into simple licks using the pentatonic scale. Learn how to keep a smooth picking flow, and how to add in other basic skills to ensure you can use what you’ve learnt within a musical context.

Week 2: Using Scales and Picking Up the Pace
Still using the “one-way” approach to economy picking, you will notch up the speed-o-meter and make use of Mixolydian shapes.

Week 3: Musical Application
Take the lessons from the first two weeks and push the boat out. No exercises, just licks and a grand solo finale as your last-day treat. Higher speeds, wide vibrato, double-stop bends and a smoother technique you can make your own forever more.

What theory is covered?

  • Minor pentatonic
  • Mixolydian
  • Dorian
  • Blues scale

What techniques are covered?

  • Economy picking
  • Bending

Who’s it for?

Learn a new technique in a realistic timeframe. No matter your level, no matter the style, this is a 21-day fix that can give you enhanced creative freedom through a more rounded picking skillset.

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