Jahaan Sweet composing & beatmaking for Drake & Travis Scott [TUTORIAL]

Jahaan Sweet composing & beatmaking for Drake & Travis Scott [TUTORIAL]

Elevate your beatmaking skills and learn how to create your own original sounds and samples with Grammy award-winning producer, Jahaan Sweet. Jahaan joins us to revisit the production and composition process behind ‘Tried Our Best’ by Drake and ‘MAFIA’ by Travis Scott. Using only a MIDI keyboard and a few virtual instruments, he demonstrates how to compose colorful chords and melodies for two of the world’s biggest artists.

Jahaan breaks down his creative process into two stages. Initially, he sits down at the keyboard to practice, improvise and explore. Once inspiration strikes, he moves over to Logic Pro X where he chops and flips his recordings to create fresh, contemporary arrangements. Throughout this journey, he provides invaluable advice on developing unique, professional-quality sounds.

Outside of Logic Pro, Jahaan discusses his musical background and offers guidance on how to develop and grow as a producer. He explores his professional routine and shares invaluable advice on how to build confidence, find inspiration, and keep your creativity flowing day after day.

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