Insanity Samples CELLO ONE Vol.2 [KONTAKT]

Insanity Samples CELLO ONE Vol.2 [KONTAKT]

CELLO ONE – Volume 2 is a complete, samples-up, rebirth of it’s highly popular namesake, the Cello One, our flagship solo cello library. Volume 2 ushers in the next generation in expressive, performance led sampling & scripting techniques. With brooding performances that ooze humanity in every note, that develop over time in the exact way a player would interpret your notes in real life. Our unique and cutting edge overlaying system creates the perfect interface between you and the performance. Giving you the power and the freedom to simply play and let the instrument react. Welcome, to Cello One – Volume 2!


  •  9,729 samples
  •  4GB (pre-lossless compression)
  •  4 mic positions & a mix signal for RAM efficiency
  •  Fully adaptive performance modes, with automatic keyswitching all controlled by deep velocity controlled, adjustable thresholds
  •  Adaptive True Legato with user threshold controls
  •  Scale Link modes for adaptive key signature linking on ornaments
  •  Up to 8 Round Robins (articulation dependent)
  •  Up to 3 Dynamics alongside Performance Velocity/dynamics (articulation dependent)

CELLO ONE Volume 2 requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above!

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Demo Preview:

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