Impact Soundworks inSIDious [Reaktor 6]

Impact Soundworks inSIDious [Reaktor 6]

Impact Soundworks inSIDious [Reaktor 6]

This is the definitive SID chip plugin! With this virtual synth created by Mike Clarke, you can harness the iconic sound of the Commodore 64 in any DAW. Get inspired with 350 sounds by the most famous C64 composers and demoscene musicians, like Chris Huelsbeck, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Jason Page, Mark Knight, and more.


350 snapshots included
Classic + modern styles, basses, leads, drones, perc, loops and FX

Modern artist banks
LMan, Jason Page, Rapture, Jammer, Mark ‘TDK’ Knight

Classic artist banks
Chris Huelsbeck, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway


  • 100% authentic oscillators
  • Pulse, saw, triangle & noise

Step sequencer for classic arps
Easily recreate that classic SID arp sound

Powerful sound shaping
Dual LFOs (pitch and PWM), envelopes for pitch, PWM, and amp

Multimode filter
LP, BP, HP with 6 selectable 6581 curves

Multiple models
Choose 6581 or 8580 variations, with LFO, env, and keytracking


  • 35MB of disk space
  • Reaktor 6 or Reaktor 6 Player (free)
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10; macOS 10.12 or higher

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