Image Line Sample Fusion Varazdin Orchestral DirectWave


Image Line Sample Fusion Varazdin Orchestral DirectWave
Size 5.3 Gb 

Image-Line now offers the exclusive ‘Varazdin Orchestral’ sample library, in which classical musicians have been recorded at 96kHz, 24-bit, in performing a wide range of variations and styles for each instrument.

Varazdin Orchestral features over 30 instruments sampled in different musical articulations containing over 4800 samples packed in 8.5Gb.

Varazdin Orchestra contains one shot and sustained samples for different instrument articulations such as staccato and vibrato. Most of the Directwave presets cover the natural octave range that the source instrument plays, usually about 3 octaves, with every semitone sampled. If you own the full version of Directwave* you can increase the range of the top and bottom sample zones if needed.


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Part 3

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