HYD256 1000 House Drum Hits MULTIFORMAT Dusting off the studio drum machines and percussion instruments, we unveil a new collection of essential crunchy house-oriented drum one shots, titled – 1000 House Drum Hits. Capable of satisfying all kinds of directions that house music developed across years of evolution, we can surely bet these drum files will be holding a spot in every new project, helping you lay the foundation all brilliant dance music tracks have – a good drum section. This collection offers a variety of samples going from simple claps, stacked claps & snares, classic to modern snare hits, all kinds of kick action, multiple flavored percussion elements (hand percussion, shakers, electro percussion, toms, cowbells, rim shots, etc.), go-to crashes and rides and of course different seasonings of hi-hats. Prepare yourself to hit multiple house directions including but not limited to tech house, deep house, classic house, progressive, future house, bass house, tribal, groove and beyond. This saturation and tube infused collection comes equipped with precisely 1000 WAV one shots broken down into 100 claps, 100 stacked claps & snares, 100 snares, 50 crashes, 50 rides, 200 kick drums, 100 hi-hats, 50 congas and bongos, 10 cowbells, 50 electro percussion hits, 100 light percussion shots, 10 rim shots, 20 shakers, 10 snaps and 50 toms along with sampler files (EXS, Kontakt and Halion). The demo is nothing but a mere fraction of what you can do with the included sounds. The demo also contains samples not included in the pack (effects, basslines, synths and vocals). They are taken from various releases here . Pack specs: 100MB+ 24Bit 44.1Khz 1048 files 1000 house oriented drum hits 48 soft synth patches (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion) perfect for house, tech house, deep house, future house 100 claps 100 stacked claps & snares 100 snares 50 crashes 200 kicks 100 hats 50 congas & bongos 10 cowbells 50 electro percs 100 light percs 10 rim shots 20 shakers 10 snaps 50 toms Links Demo Preview: Join Our Official Telegram Channel New Posts Producer Loops Melodic Trap WAV MIDI Producer Loops Melodic Trap WAV MIDI HYD257 Power House Drops MULTIFORMAT HYD257 Power House Drops MULTIFORMAT Inspiration Sounds Trauma WAV MIDI Inspiration Sounds Trauma WAV MIDI Related Posts Producer Loops Melodic Trap WAV MIDI Producer Loops Melodic Trap WAV MIDI

HYD255 Hypnotic Techno MULTIFORMAT

Moving over to faster soundscapes, HY2ROGEN is delighted to get down to the underground pits and blast a brand new sample pack titled Hypnotic Techno, served up as 1GB of materials filled with inspiration to build those sweat inducing tracks.

Jam-packed with repetitive hypnotic grooves this new release aids in the sonic expansion of our catalog and has been influenced by respectable veterans of this genre including but not limited to: Adam Beyer, Umek, Pan Pot, Thomas Schumacher, Pig&Dan, Rebuke, ANNA, Sharam, Adriatique, etc.

Exploring the pack’s intestines you will be presented with a wide range of loops starting off with the mandatory base builders – the hall kicks and rumble loops (sequenced background grooves). The best companions for these are also included and come as clap, percussion, ride and top loops to complete the rhythm section. Next in line we have the mesmerizing acid loops, pulsating and low end filling bass loops, drones and tones as ambience loops and of course the jewel in the crown in terms of weird sounds, the synth loops. Extra folders include drum hits (filled with kick and clap one shots), essential effects and of course complementing vocal loops for a plus in atmosphere. All of these goodies we’re made to fit each other and combine with multiple loops inside the pack, having tons of possibilities in generating new variations and aiding in the creation of your next techno fire track.

The content is delivered as 14 main folders (acid loops, ambience loops, bass loops, clap loops, drum hits, fx, kick loops, percussion loops, reverb kicks, ride loops, rumble loops, synth loops. top loops, vocal loops). You also have 2 additional folders (MIDI and Sampler Patches). The majority of the content is delivered as 4-8 bars long. The acid, bass and synth loops come with one extra bar at the end to catch the reverb/delay/release tails to allow a better integration in your projects. We have included MIDI files for the bass and synth loops where applicable.

What you get is 1GB of content broken down into: 509 total files consisting of 465 WAV files (30 acid loops, 30 ambience loops, 30 bass loops, 30 clap loops, 80 drum hits, 30 effects, 30 kick loops, 30 percussion loops, 30 reverb kicks, 20 ride loops, 50 rumble loops, 30 synth loops, 25 top loops, 20 vocal loops), 6 sampler patches (EXS24, Kontakt, Halion) and 38 MIDI files. Everything is key and tempo labeled (135 BPM) and delivered as 24bit 44.1Khz WAV files.

All of the sounds presented in the audio demos are available in this sample pack. Separate download folders can also be purchased. Don’t let the demos fool you as there’s so much more valuable content inside.

Pack specs:

  • 1GB  of content
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz
  • 509 total files
  • 465 WAV files
  • 38 MIDI files
  • 6 Sampler Patches (EXS, Kontakt, Halion)
  • 30 acid loops
  • 30 ambience loops
  • 30 bass loops
  • 30 clap loops
  • 80 drum hits
  • 30 effects
  • 30 kick loops
  • 30 percussion loops
  • 30 reverb kicks
  • 20 ride loops
  • 50 rumble loops
  • 30 synth loops
  • 25 top loops
  • 20 vocal loops
  • 135 bpm
  • 4-8 bars long


Demo Preview:

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